You must have heard of the dream house with the picket fence. You probably have even found yourself wanting the same thing. Even if it is only a dream you have adapted from others, it is still a nice thing to have in your yard. Even if you would rather have something more permanent for your fence, you might want to put up a small picket fence for your garden. With the dream being bandied about everywhere though, you never hear anyone demonstrating or explaining how it is done. Still some of us still want to do the very things we dream of as children, and one of those things is building a picket fence. So how is it done? 
Well before you get into building your picket fence for either your garden or your entire yard, you are going to need some tools. You will need a saw, powered or the old fashioned kind, tape measure, a hammer, nails, a carpenter’s square, a chisel, and string line. As this is your project you want to get it done like a pro, so that means you will have to use safety equipment as well. So make sure to have gloves and safety googles. Of course you are going to need the main component, wood. Now if you want to do this entire job on your own then you will have to be prepared to cut the wood to specifications you want. You can take a short cut and have them cut to size, it is up to you. Also no one will know if you don’t tell them that you weren’t the one who cut the wood, but if you are looking to enjoy the project go right ahead and look at safe fire fighting pumps for sale for further details.  
The first thing you should do is mark out the area being fenced. This is where you will use the measuring tape and string line. At the each corner you should plant two corner posts into the ground. The corner posts should be thicker than the other pieces of board that will be used for the fence. You can either hammer the post in the ground or dig a hole and place the corner posts into the ground. There is an easier method which would involve using a petrol powered post driver to put the post into the ground. Using this power tool will save a considerable amount of time. It will also properly anchor the corner posts into the ground.
With the corner posts in the ground you can then mark of the lengths of board you need and what lengths to cut. You need to have two pieces of board attached at right angles to the corner posts at both the top and the bottom. It is against these horizontal boards that you will be nailing the pieces of board you are either going to cut or have pre-cut for the fence. You simply need to mark of along the board even spaces to nail the flat pieces of board too. Once you have marked them out you simply need to nail them to the horizontal boards.To get the ideal look you should attach these boards on either side of the horizontal boards alternatively. Also if your fence is about three feet tall and fairly long you should have posts driven into the ground at every ten feet. So that is really all you need to do to create your dream picket fence.