Settlement is where the race of humans began. The history of world has popular settlements ranging from the classic Greek and roman settlements tot the settlements along the Indus valley. A settlement conventionally includes facilities required to accommodate a basic crowd by means of roads, houses etc. It is an agglomeration of all this for people to live and work. Earlier settlements originated on the river banks like the Egyptian civilization due to fertile land availability. The fertile land on river banks provided people with farming occupation and a good accommodation with proper food availability.
Post history, settlement today refers to a city, town or village. People have different preferences regarding the settlement they wish to stay in whether it is a permanent or temporary stay. When dealing with accommodation the preferences again change. Accommodation refers to an arrangement within a settlement comfortable to human needs. It is not just the arrangement that matters in an accommodation; it is accompanied with the unique facilities available within the place and radius of the chosen settlement.
Today the demands range from proper water and food availability, electrical facilities and even the climates where the settlement exists matter. The climatic conditions of a place are a major factor in attracting settlements. The technology today has developed enough to face any climatic constraints but sill a choice of the weather is always necessary for many. Settlements in the tropical areas are mainly popular because of their weather conditions.
The need for a proper accommodation is a demand by many. Accommodation not only deals with an individual, it affects the entire family of an individual. The place chosen to settle must be habitable. Outside the range of facilities the settlement provides the living condition of the place of stay is also important. A clean and neat place to stay has lots to deal with the health condition of people. This is the major reason why industries and factories are located outside the settlement radius.

Other than those finding a choice of where to settle, those already existing within a settlements face major constraints. If you are born to a settlement initially you are contained to below to the same. Today settlements give people identity. Settlements are sometimes even unique because of their various practices. Practices as such the language they use, the food they eat and even the religions they preach. People used to a particular settlement often find it difficult to adapt to a new place of stay. Other than the facilities available the practices followed in their settlement is what applies here. People try to find their needs in a new place of stay. The availability of needs by the demands of various classes in settlements is what makes the place popular accommodation spot.