All You Need To Know About Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture is based on Chinese traditional medicine or CTM and involves simple acupuncture with the concept of conception in mind. There are many individuals, who suffer from infertility, be it men or women, though it is women who seem to have the problems the most and hence they can seek the services of a fertility acupuncture provider. Before we get into the services provided by such specialist, we need to understand what fertility acupuncture is. Based on the Chinese beliefs, our body has a vital energy form or qi flowing through our body.
It moves along the 12 invisible lines across our body called the meridian. When the energy or qi is blocked on any of these 12 meridians, we suffer from infertility or have problems with conceiving a child. Through fertility acupuncture, these 12 meridians can be aligned properly to eliminate this problem of infertility. This, however, in no way means that simply by getting this acupuncture you can increase your chances of getting fertile. Fertility acupuncture usually suffices, but it should be taken in accordance with a western fertility doctor who can guide you with modern medicine while the fertility acupuncturist clears and aligns your body.
How Is Fertility Acupuncture Performed
Fertility acupuncture is performed by inserting slender needles on certain points of the body which allow the energy to flow freely. Designed and perfected by the ancient Chinese, the fertility acupuncture method is practiced by licensed professionals at holistic clinics.
Points To Keep In Mind When Considering Fertility Acupuncture
Fertility acupuncture is performed in holistic clinics all over the world. Since it is an exact science, it is performed by licensed professional who know how to treat chronic diseases that cause infertility. Before you consider going in for fertility acupuncture bear in mind that you will not see the results in one sitting. One may need to go undergo many sittings with the professional before getting the desired results. Since each body and its conditions are different and unique herbalist for Chinese, it is impossible to state a time limit or number of sittings before getting the results.
Another point to be considered is that the patient should not be a hypochondriac. If you are afraid of the needles you cannot get this procedure done and the patient is supposed to be relaxed while the acupuncture done. If you are planning for acupuncture to quit smoking to get this fertility acupuncture done, be sure to read up on reviews and ask for referrals. It is always best to hear the experiences of others who have undergone these sessions. It helps in building trust and confidence with the clinic where you plan to get this session done. Speaking of trust, you should also consult a western doctor or a gynecologist before opting for these sessions so that your doctor is in the loop of things that happen. Fertility acupuncture is a common form of treating problems that result in infertility and can be solved within a few sessions only.