Perth – bordered by the Indian Ocean and crossed by the Swan River it is a very beautiful city, with warm climate and forgiving winters. As such there should be no surprise that there is no shortage of investment properties in Perth. The rapid rise, the constant population increase, the thoughtful development plans that have helped it grow into a beautiful city full of attractions and landmarks. Everything marks it as a city destined for greatness, a city that can bring a discerning investor along into that bright future.
The basics of a good real estate investment have to be learnedIt is easy to get sidetracked when talking about investments, especially when it comes to real estate, since it is a topic familiar to us all and as such almost everyone has opinions, regardless of how informed they might be. It is easy to get sidetracked with endless yield calculations, market analysis, who sold what, for how much, what is the average letting price, what is a reasonable timeframe to find a tenant and so forth, and all those are good, valid questions. Questions everyone should know the answers to when considering a real estate investment. What we lose from sight though is that the world has changed. Globalization came and reshaped everything, from the food we eat, the music we listen to, and to the way we do business.
One of the most important questions now is also where. Where should I invest my money, where are the best opportunities. And the answer is now, as always, in emerging markets. When it comes to traditional investments emerging markets are risky, high yield but also high risk. The particularities of real estate though almost eliminate that risk and the only question remains one of potential. How much can I potentially gain from here and following our topic, how much can I potentially gain from investment properties in Perth.  The answer is a lot. Well established cities with constant growth who are yet to reach the point of notoriety command excellent avenues for property investment at fair prices and most importantly, they do not have a cap on that profit, they are ever growing and reshaping themselves. As population and demand rises suburbs become respected neighborhoods, small, quiet residential areas become in time coveted green oasis in the heart of the expanding city. With informed decisions and maybe a bit of luck the success of our investment might not come from slow, steady rent anymore but from the value of the property itself.