Planning A Unique Holiday Experience

If you are planning a unique holiday experience with your friends, a Murray river cruise might be just what all of you need. You could opt for a five night or a two night trip along the river in one of the many luxury houseboats hire services that are available. As the river point is reached by a mere forty five minute drive from Adelaide, it is easy to plan a quick getaway with your loved ones or with your friends. The Murray bridge area has garaging option as well, making it convenient for people to drive up and leave their cars at this point as they embark on their sailing journeys.
Booking a river cruise
As the cruises usually operate throughout the year, you can definitely plan a cruise in advance at a time when it suits you all. Again, the trip can also be arranged at short notice. As there are several tour and travel operators who have their cruise boats operating here, it is simply a matter of looking up the availability of cruises through online portals and make a lucrative booking through the online portals.
Diverse river cruises on Murray river
For those who would love to observe the wildlife at leisure a five night trip would be ideal. There are small and large houseboats hire services as per the budget and number of people coming in a group. One can indulge in the services of a tour expert who will point out the diverse aquatic species found in the waters as well as wildlife in the different areas by the river such as coots, owls, night herons, pelicans among the bird and other animals as well.
Trips of different budgets
The trips can be as varied as per the choices of the travelers. Some cruises have pre planned tour packages that many people opt for as these trips come for a fixed price per person and include transfers, sightseeing, food and accommodation. Others might want to have a vessel all by themselves and have the luxury of being attended to, being cooked for and having their own personal captain and guide on the boat. These facilities make sense for large private groups of people.
Unique attraction of Murray river cruises

The Murray river is known to be a lazy river and hence the river cruises along this river are peaceful and allows one to enjoy the wildlife and other native life experiences. There are red gum forests as well as limestone cliffs, Aboriginal homelands and even wineries to explore along the course of the river. As it covers a long and varied landscape, many cruises are designed for specific parts of the river’s course and along the lakes that it forms along its way.