Limitations: An End To Everything

The human race has always wanted to improve, on how we speak, what we wear, our mode of transportation, our technology, even in the food we eat. It seems that change is already part of our nature as an ever-evolving race.
We ourselves wanted to improve as an individual, therefore we study further and further, we explore distances beyond limits, we break barriers, we become the best version of us. We are willing to undergo surgeries and drink unlimited supplies of medicines just to achieve the perfect fallacy of what we believe in as perfect.

Sometimes we do not notice it that we are changing faster than expected, vastly and more wildly. We drink too many antioxidants to lose weight, we consume collagen much than expected, we over abuse things.
For example chia seeds and bulk almond nuts are food staples that have been verified as an effective weight loss helper, but some of us do not know our limitations therefore we receive the negating effects rather than the positive ones.
Here are the possible effects if we over consume the planet:
1. What if we over drink?
– It depends on what we drink. Example if we drink too much alcohol, no matter how strong drinker we are we would always end up getting drunk and worst end up getting ourselves or the people close to us get hurt, and then followed by a major hangover.
– If we drink too much water, one of which we already are doing may result to water scarcity. Because we are too careless of our water responsibilities a huge portion of the planet has no clean water to drink and worse, water itself. Dried up wells and empty dams will be our gifts to the future generation.
2. What if we overeat?
– Now this has two sides, what will happen to us, and what will happen to the others.
– We very much now what will happen to us, we over eat we become overweight and at our own very face we are slowly killing ourselves as well.
– What will happen to the others? I am not just talking about the humans, even the animals. If we would not manage our food consumables soon we might be sending the future generation that they have nothing left to eat, they will not see the animals we once loved because they too would starve to death.
Nothing good comes out of passing the border line, for now we might be enjoying, but we do not know of the doom that is waiting for us in the future.